E98: 'How to protect yourself from Identity Theft' with Sastry Tumuluri

We are living our lives on the digital space more and more. But how many of us understand digital safety? I brought in my mentor and good friend Sastry to discuss the topic. Sastry is a serial entrepreneur and a Information Security Specialist. He also dealt with an identity theft. Hope today's conversation is useful to you.

What you'll listen
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (01:17) - Definition of identity theft
  • (05:01) - Example of an identity theft
  • (08:31) - Purpose of identity thefts
  • (09:27) - Are Indians safe from identity thefts?
  • (10:05) - Identity thefts in digital era
  • (11:57) - How identity thefts happen
  • (14:50) - How social engineering happens?
  • (19:23) - Protecting ourselves from identity thefts
  • (24:20) - How to know if you are hacked?
  • (29:36) - What to do if your details are hacked?
  • (31:57) - What is the kindest thing anyone has done?
  • (32:47) - Best leadership quality
  • (33:52) - What is the definition of living a good life

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E98: 'How to protect yourself from Identity Theft' with Sastry Tumuluri
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