E89: Are you ruthless with strategy or ruthless with people?

Ruthless with strategy means having a clear understanding of the goals to achieve, resources needed to get there, and partners who will facilitate the journey. Those leaders demand data and they make data driven decisions, rather than swinging based on emotions.

Working for them is not easy. It is highly demanding. Long hours are probably required. However, in the long run employees under such bosses tend to learn more and feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Working for bosses who are ruthless with people can be frustrating. They demand that you reply back to their emails and slack messages quickly, they monitor the breaks you take, and scrutinise when you come and leave office. If you work for them job becomes futile and fruitless.

If you have a choice, choose to work for bosses who are ruthless with strategy.

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E89: Are you ruthless with strategy or ruthless with people?
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