E86: 'Why startups fail' with Sohail Khan

Startup founders dream of building the next big thing. At least I did when I launched a cyber-security startup. But as the statistics show majority of the startups fail and fizzle out.

Today I'm talking to Sohail who wants to change that. He has been a founder himself, not once but twice. He understands the field well. He has started The Builders club, a vibrant community to support and help startup founders and other creators in their dream journey. We are discussing why startups fail and what can be done to reduce the chance of failure.

What you'll listen
  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (01:03) - Data Driven Approch
  • (03:56) - How Sohail started "The Builders Club"
  • (07:47) - What startup lessons Sohail is using to build the community?
  • (11:40) - Play vs Chasing a number
  • (14:30) - Frameworks
  • (18:02) - The Builders Club & Its Benefits
  • (21:08) - Difference between other startup communities and TBC
  • (26:28) - How community reduce the chances of failure?
  • (29:23) - Keeping the sense of belonging as TBC grows
  • (33:08) - Future of TBC
  • (35:20) - What's the kindest thing anyone has done for you
  • (35:36) - Best leadership quality and who manifested it
  • (37:45) - What is the definition of living a good life?

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E86: 'Why startups fail' with Sohail Khan
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