E84: 'Championing Customer Success' with Kavitha Ashtakala

Getting a customer is a challenge. Relatively speaking, delighting a customer and converting them into a repeat customer is easier. That is the theme of today's conversation. I have Kavitha, a seasoned customer success manager. We are going to discuss examples, metrics, and challenges of a customer success manager. Hope you find this interview useful.

What you'll listen
  • (00:00) - Welcome
  • (00:54) - What is customer success?
  • (02:06) - Where do the customer success champions fit in?
  • (03:16) - Metrics to track as a customer success manager
  • (07:14) - What is the ongoing process we need to delight customers?
  • (13:01) - Who does a customer success manager report to?
  • (14:24) - Examples of customer success
  • (15:53) - Skillset of a customer success manager
  • (17:23) - How empathy helps
  • (19:53) - Customer success manager in a services company
  • (22:15) - What is the kindest thing someone has done for you?
  • (22:54) - Who has manifested the best leadership quality in your life?
  • (24:13) - What is the definition of living a good life?

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E84: 'Championing Customer Success' with Kavitha Ashtakala
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