E80: 'Impact of technology on mental health' with Ruby Grace

Technology is the beating heart of innovation and progress. As technology executives, we are at the forefront of such advancement. The same technology that helps us grow, also affects our mental health.

To discuss the connection between technology and mental health, I have invited Ruby Grace, a licensed rehabilitation psychologist. She has extensive experience in understanding the intricate relation between technology and mental health. She has helped many students and professionals navigate this complex landscape. Hope today's conversation helps you at least a little bit towards improving your mental health.

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What you'll listen
  • (00:00) - Start
  • (01:23) - Definition of mental health
  • (02:26) - What are the short-term mental health issues?
  • (03:33) - Recognising short-term issues
  • (05:10) - Being productive and mentally healthy
  • (08:16) - Impact of working in different timezones
  • (10:37) - Being ambitious and being mentally healthy
  • (13:56) - How companies can take care of their employees' mental health?
  • (16:49) - How to build mental resilience?
  • (21:58) - When to seek medical help?
  • (24:20) - How to keep track of one's mental health?
  • (28:15) - Dealing with mental health as an escape route
  • (31:41) - Kindest thing anyone has done for you
  • (31:58) - Best leadership quality
  • (33:03) - Definition of living a good life

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E80: 'Impact of technology on mental health' with Ruby Grace
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